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Stabilize strategies are powered by something called a vault and strategy model. This is essentially a pairing of two contracts that operate together to safely store user deposits. The vault contracts act as the depositor and withdrawer of the strategy. It keeps account of user positions inside the strategies and can be traded as a fungible token. We call these tokens z-Tokens.

Arbitrum One Strategies

All Arbitrum One strategies actively buyback STBZ with the performance fee profit excluding the amount given to the executor.


Users deposit USDC (not USDC.e). There is a minimum deposit of 15 USDC and withdraw of the same. The current maximum strategy size is $200k. USDC tokens are partially sold for paired long tokens (via WETH) to be deposited into GM markets. The best performing market is the preferred one for deposit. Executors will periodically swap tokens from the worst performing market for the best one. Upon withdraw, users will only withdraw the deposit asset. Because of how GMX v2 works, withdraws are slightly delayed to allow for the liquidation of GM tokens and withdraws can also fail. Users pay a gas fee when they withdraw tokens that is due to the cost of interacting with the underlying GMX platform. Any ARB token profit from weekly airdrops are compounded for more GM tokens. Performance Fee: 10% of profit


Users can deposit fsGLP only after a 15 minute transfer restriction from the time they purchase GLP. This is a pure staking strategy that earns ETH and esGMX. Executors execute the strategy when it is profitable for them which causes ETH to be converted into more GLP and esGMX to be restaked to earn more ETH and more esGMX. Users will only withdraw the deposit asset. The esGMX is stored in the contract persistently to increase the strategy's reward rate. Performance Fee: 10% of profit

Binance Smart Chain Strategies

Users can also directly stake STBB into the z-Tokens to earn a part of the strategy profit.


Users can deposit either BUSD, USDT or USDC into the strategy. The strategy will proxy arbitrage among those tokens via multiple exchanges and when not proxy arbitraging, will store funds in a yield farm at Dodo exchange. Users will withdraw whichever asset has the highest amount at the time of withdraw. The exact parameters for executors can be found on the contract code. Performance fee: 10% of profit


Users deposit only BUSD into the strategy as this a pure stablecoin strategy. This is an experimental Psuedo-Delta strategy, meaning users earn profit from yield farming liquidity tokens with limited risk to underlying principal from impermanent loss (IL) or other irregularities.

This particular strategy attempts to protect the underlying BUSD by lending it to DForce lending pool, then borrowing USX, then selling some of that for BUSD to add to a USX/BUSD LP position on Dodo exchange. Dforce gives DF token for lending, borrowing and providing liquidity. Most of the DF tokens are sold for BUSD and to be used to further lend. Some are used to pay executors, treasury and STBB stakers.

If USX depegs, since the loan is in USX itself, the users should be able to completely withdraw their original principal without incurring much loss, and may receive a profit . Staking fee: 10% of profit.

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