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For your information


The Stabilize protocol has been audited by:
Bramah Systems - Audit Link
Defiyield.Info - Audit Link
Please keep in mind these audits were performed at a snapshot in time and the protocol has built upon the audited code.


The development team takes security very seriously. The team continually dedicates a portion of the treasury funds for smart contract reviews and audits. The Stabilize development team has relinquished direct control over minting the Stabilize reward tokens. The emissions operator contract controls the minting rate. In addition, all governance functions are controlled by a 24 hour time-lock. This gives depositors enough time to make a decision to stay in the protocol or not.


Stabilize protocol incurs risk just like all token protocols do. If one of the pooled tokens collapse and doesn't recover, you may realize losses. There are also unknown smart contract risks. The general rule is, do not deposit more than you are willing to lose.
Further, if you supply liquidity to the STBZ/ETH or STBB/BNB pool, you are exposed to the risk of impermanent loss (IL).


We are an anonymous team. This is to assure that development can remain decentralized and developers can be free from targeting.