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Stabilize Token

STBZ for Arbitrum One, STBB for Binance Smart Chain.

STBZ on Arbitrum One

STBZ is the emission token for the Stabilize protocol on Arbitrum One. It is emissioned from incentivized pools to help increase liquidity for the Stabilize strategies. Following a migration from the main layer of Ethereum, STBZ is perpetually emitted at 1% inflation yearly following a 5 weeks burst period at the beginning of the start of the protocol.
Strategies consistently buy STBZ with their revenue to store for future emissions. The goal of STBZ on Arbitrum One is to have a net zero minting every week as buybacks will outsize emissions from the protocol.
This token can be provided as liquidity with ETH to earn additional STBZ tokens. It cannot be staked otherwise.

Vesting requirement

All earned STBZ are subject to a mandatory 3 months vest period. At the start of the reward period, 100% of users rewards are taxed and it decreases linearly to 0% over 3 months. This means at 1.5 months in, only 50% of the reward can redeem, the other 50% will be taxed. Each new deposit offsets to vest time proportionally to the amount that is deposited.


Although STBZ has no intrinsic monetary value, the token on Arbitrum can be used to create governance proposals via Snapshot. Users can then vote on these proposals with STBZ to determine the direction the protocol goes, such as, what the emission rates should be, what pools should be included and how to spend treasury funds earned from revenue. After a proposal passes, the team checks for feasibility and whether the outcome of the proposal would adversely affect the protocol with a reason provided.
The Stabilize Protocol is a decentralized community-owned organization that benefits when community members are actively involved in its operations. Active developers are rewarded with income derived from profits generated from Stabilize strategies.

STBB on Binance Smart Chain

STBB is the emission token for the Stabilize protocol on Binance Smart Chain. It has zero intrinsic monetary value. It is emissioned from incentivized pools to help increase liquidity for the Stabilize strategies. The inflation schedule of the token is listed below:
Stabilize BSC token (STBB) minting is controlled by the EmissionsOperator contract that will mint weekly to the max supply of 10 million tokens over the next 520 weeks (10 years) following a linear decay model estimate pictured above.
STBB token can be staked into the wrappers, which allows them to earn a percentage of the arbitrage profits generated by the wrapper. Their staking weight boosts the STBB emission of the corresponding pool. This emission system is novel in crypto, and aims to allocate the highest rewards to the most profitable strategies. It further allows the depositors to increase the STBB emissions of "their" staking pool.