Stabilize Swaps

Get cashback and gasback rewards while trading in the form of REETH
Every time you use the integrated DEX, a dex aggregator with various liquidity sources, the gas you've spent on the trade and the Ether equivalent of the trade amount is stored under your account. You can then claim up to 50% the value of your staked zs-REETH token value (in total ETH value) up to 4% of what you’ve spent in ETH equivalent. The longer you stake without claiming, the higher percentage you can claim. The claiming percent follows an exponential curve then a linear one up to 50% in about 3.5 months.
Each time you unstake or restake more, the claim timer resets. The more REETH you stake, the higher percentage of your ETH spent is claimable, following a linear curve of 4% when 10 ETH equivalent is staked.
For example, let’s say Alice has 20 zs-REETH staked that are worth 22 ETH in total value. She trades 10,000 USDC for 10,005 USDT using the integrated exchange and is calculated to have spent 4.54 ETH equivalent (when ETH is worth 2,200 USDC). She has staked for over 3 months and is eligible to receive cashback up to 45% of staked ETH value, which is 9.9 ETH; however she has only spent 4.54 ETH equivalent. She can claim 4% of her ETH spent due to staking more than 10 ETH equivalent, which is 0.1816 ETH. This is her maximum claimable amount. The protocol will mint REETH to the user, worth 0.1816 ETH. Claiming zs-REETH rewards will also add to the ETH spent balance.
Not only can users add to their ETH spent balance by using the exchange and claiming zs-REETH rewards, but also calling rebase in the Monetary policy will add the transaction’s gas cost to the caller’s ETH spent.
Stabilize Swaps is only available on mainnet Ethereum.