Flash Loans

Now perform classic arbitrage with generalized flash loans
Stabilize on Arbitrum One allows users to borrow large amounts of uncollaterlized funds as long as they are returned within the same transaction. This is commonly called flash loans and they play a large role in the DeFi ecosystem.
Stabilize loans are easy to setup and easy to borrow. The fees are among the most competitive on Arbitrum.
Current Fee: 0.029%


This is our only flash loan powered strategy. Traders simply direct their contract to borrow WETH from our strategy and approve for the return in the same call.
interface FlashLoanReceiver {
* @dev Receive a flash loan.
* @param initiator The initiator of the loan.
* @param token The loan currency.
* @param amount The amount of tokens lent.
* @param fee The additional amount of tokens to repay.
* @param data Arbitrary data structure, intended to contain user-defined parameters.
* @return The bool of true otherwise the transaction will revert
function onFlashLoan(
address initiator,
address token,
uint256 amount,
uint256 fee,
bytes calldata data
) external returns (bool);
Developers simply implement this callback in their receiver code and the interface below and call the flashLoan function to get the loan from the strategy:
interface StabilizeLender{
function maxFlashLoan() external view returns (uint256); // Get liquidity of token to borrow
function flashLoan(address receiver, uint256 amount, bytes calldata params) external;
Loans must be taken out on the zs-imWETH strategy, not the zs-imWETH token.
Please visit the contract on GitHub to find the current strategy address for zs-imWETH.